There is a growing need to understand the practice of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine in the modern era. In collaboration with leading pharmacologists, researchers, and medical professional, we develop research-backed standardized herbal medicine as a natural, accessible, and side-effect-free alternative to modern cancer treatment.


It all starts with the careful process of hand-picked herbs from the rural mountains of Yunnan in China. Collected herbs will then go through the process of sanitation, extraction, and laboratory testings.


Hand-picked Herbs

麥冬 Mài Dōng
Ophiogon Japonicus
三七 Sān Qī
Pseudo Ginseng Radix
川芎 Chuān Xiōng
Ligusticum Wallichii
白朮 Bái Zhú
Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizoma

The preparation of developing herbal medicine from medicinal plant involves the proper and timely collection of the plant, authentication by an expert, adequate drying, and grinding. Authentication of the medicinal plant is an extremely important step due to the diverse number of species.

In 2006, two ethnobiological survey were recorded in the county of Shangri-la, Yunnan Province, SW China, to document the traditional medicinal plants used by the Tibetan people. The result was an overwhelming data collection of 68 species in 64 genus with 40 seperate families. Our experts are knowl- edgable locals of the Yunnan natural environment, who have dedicated their lives to protect their home where our medicinal plants grow.



We have invested a great deal of attention to detail and quality control in our sanitation process. Our formulation comes from natural grown herbs in the depth of untouched nature in the Yunnan province, China. Upon harvesting, we have to further filter quality and safety issues linked to various pathogens present in organic herbs like mold, aerobic bacteria, gram-negative bacteria.

Our Microwave technology uses a non-ionizing radiation to ensure no radi- ation safety issues are present, while maintaining an adequate humidity between 7-10%. Bacteria and pathogens are deactivated by short exposure to a microwave field in a temperature-controlled processing cavity.



Heated extraction is not ideal due to the high temperature causing damage to the vital adaptogenic substances. Therefore, our top of the line product combines the traditional maceration technique and a more effective modern extraction method called Percolation.

This intricate method allows approximately 60% more saturation of the medicinal qualities extracted from the herbs.



Certified as a Standardized Traditional Herbal Medicine Company (Obat Herbal Traditional), our research follows a strict standard to ensure the safety and quality of our products. In colaboration with leading pharmacuetical and medical institution, we undergo a thorough clinical testing procedures to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.

Our formulation is supported by Indonesia’s largest cancer hospital, Rumah Sakit Kanker Dharmais, con- cluding that our products are effective to support the recovery of various cancer types without harmful side effects.

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