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Nutrigold D

60 Capsules

For diabetes mitigation and prevention

A blend of Chinese herbal ingredients engineered not only to naturally help reduce blood sugar levels, but also to help regenerate the pancreatic functions and the endocrine system. With a healthy endocrine system, our body can naturally stabilise hormones and regulate a healthy blood sugar level.

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Mechanism of ND-60

Regeneration of the Pancreatic β Cell
Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitor


Polyganati Rhizoma
Pseudo Ginseng Radix
Ligusticum Wallichii
Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae
Atractylodes Macrocephalagus


Diabetes Melitus

Patient under medical treatment (Metformin, Fortamet, Glumetza, others)

Glucose Level Wound Dosage


<150 mg/dl 3 x 3
<150 mg/dl 3 x 4
>150 mg/dl 3 x 4
>150 mg/dl 3 x 5

2 Hours after meal

<300 mg/dl 3 x 3
<300 mg/dl 3 x 4
>300 mg/dl 3 x 4
>300 mg/dl 3 x 5

Patient under insulin

Glucose Level Wound Dosage


<150 mg/dl 3 x 4
<150 mg/dl 3 x 5
>150 mg/dl 3 x 5
>150 mg/dl 3 x 5

2 Hours after meal

<300 mg/dl 3 x 4
<300 mg/dl 3 x 5
>300 mg/dl 3 x 5
>300 mg/dl 3 x 5

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I take ND-60?

    The dosage prescribed differs according to the advancement of cancer development.

    *Lihat tabel diatas untuk dosis sesuai pemeriksaan gula darah

    However, rest assured that our products have been clinically tested to have negligible side effects when taken below 12 500mg/Kg Bodyweight. For example, if you are 100kg, you would have to take 12 500 x 100 = 1 250 000mg (over 3000 capsules) per day to experience intoxication.

  • Are there any side effects to ND-60?

    The clinical trial done by the faculty of pharmacy, Universitas Gadjah Mada, stated that “The acute toxicity value of Chang Sheuw Tian Ran Ling Yao Capsule was very low (or minimal almost non-toxic with LD50 >12500mg/kg body weight) and the spectrum of toxic effects of the phytopharmaca was considered negligible.”

  • When will I feel the effects of ND-60?

    Around 2-3 months into the treatment, patients should be able to start to see initial progress (lab testing is suggested). ND-60 is 100% natural. Therefore the effects of herbal therapy will not present as fast as their chemical counterparts.

  • Who is ND-30 for?

    Everyone looking to boost their systemic health as a means of prevention, and everyone diagnosed with cancer.

  • Is ND-60 compitable with other medications and supplements?

    ND-60 works as an effective complement to chemically induced cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. ND-60 should also be safe to consume with daily vitamins and supplements; however, mixing ND-60 with other herbal therapy should be taken cautiously and consulted with a specialist beforehand.

  • Is it safe to comsume ND-60 while I’m pregnant / breastfeeding?

    Yes it is.

  • How do I store my ND-60?

    To prevent any quality loss, store at a dry place with room temperature (around 22-25 degree celcius), away from direct sunlight.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we are certified with ISO9001, the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS).

Consult our specialists for more product information, treatment plan, suggested diets, and any burden you need to share.

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